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Do you live out of your 💼suit case? And is too much of travelling your excuse to skip a workout? Well if the above is true then it should not be so. There can be no excuse to skip workout unless of course you are ill 🤒or injured. Whether you travel for work or want to see the world, jumping from one hotel room 🏢to the next, indulging in breakfast buffets and lounging in front of a TV📺 while you raid the mini fridge are not the best ways to stay fit.

Here are some helpful tips to work out while travelling: 1)Use the Airport: Airport is a huge area to walk, utilize it and if you have time to board – try to walk as much as possible within the airport premises instead of sitting around and reading a book or listening to music or watching a movie. 2)Use the Hotel Room: You can work out in your Hotel room. Try to use TABATA as a workout. It will take only 4 min to compensate your GYM session. Google to get more information on TABATA. 3)Site Seeing: Go for a walk – try walking👣👣👣 EVERYWHERE. If it’s nice outside, walk instead of taking a cab! Go for a jog around your new surroundings…just stay active. 4)Beach Holidays: If you are planning a beach holiday, you have lots of options to do a workout. You can go for beach running, water sports. Water sports🏄 is a healthy sporting option that one can engage in. In water, you are forced to work harder. Indeed, there are many water sport health benefits – no matter if you are kayaking, white river rafting, or even swimming.🏊

Too many people take holidays knowing they will get fat, become overweight, and lose a level of their fitness, yet they do nothing to combat it. So follow some golden rules and you can enjoy your travelling without any guilt.😊 #simpleliving #healthylifestyle #fitspiration #dtanjalikakar #nutritionist

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