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Founder-Health Simplified, Professional Dietician, certified fitness trainer & a yoga instructor.


Anjali’s great passion in life is assisting others to feel healthier, live healthier and to embrace the many wonderful benefits of mental and physical wellbeing. She believes that everyone can feel great and have more energy by incorporating healthy, great tasting food and moderate, enjoyable exercise into their busy lives. This isn’t always easy to do, that’s why she is here to help. Anjali graduated from Delhi University with a Bachelor’s degree in home science & specialization in foods & nutrition. With a lifelong interest in nutrition and wellness, Anjali attended inst. of hotel management where she received a post graduation in nutrition and dietetics. She did her internship at N.M.Hospital and heart Center. She worked as a dietitian for over eighteen years( Hospitals, slimming centers, day-care surgery centres, corporate talks, apps, online consulting etc.), helping people with a variety of illnesses learn how to use food to control their disease symptoms and to improve their quality of life.

Anjali imbibed the principles of “continous learning” & her passion for fitness led her to do a personal training course from NAFC, California. She used to practice Yoga as a way of life & decided to further her understanding & studied power yoga from Akshar Power yoga academy, Bangalore. She believes that a healthy diet, moderate exercise, sound sleep & positive stress can bring about change in anyone’s life. Now she helps her clients to lose weight,  improve their endurance & energy levels, guides them to eat healthy and suggests them lifestyle changes.

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