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  • Dt.Anjali Kakar

7 preventive measures to prevent Diarrhoea this monsoon

Come Monsoons and our happiness see no bounds. There are lots of activities that one can indulge in during the monsoons such as walking in the rain, running, cycling and trekking. All of these activities give us extreme happiness. Monsoons also entice you and increase your cravings for some street food such as pakoras, bhajiya, vada pav, bhel, pani puri, chat and the likes. During monsoons, food and water are the two main things that get contaminated easily. This eventually leads to water borne diseases as monsoons is the time for germs and bacteria to breed in large numbers. We need to be extra careful for ourselves and for our children as well.

Preventive measures to be taken during Monsoons

1. Drink boiled water.

2. Wash your hands before you eat.

3. Avoid outside food and go for homemade hygenic food.

4. If you are eating in a restaurant avoid leafy vegetables. One is not sure if it’s cleaned properly or not ?

5. Eat well cleaned and washed vegetables.. Avoid left over food

6. Do not eat fish as it is breeding time and there are chances that you might get a stomach upset or an infection.

7. Do take shower if you get wet to protect from bacteria.

As our body is susceptible to infections taking precaution is good …however if you

do get diarrhea. Here are few things you must follow

1. Boil water and drink throughout day as diarrhea dehydrates the body.

2. Do not have solid food. Have clear liquid diet initially.

3. In case of less severe diarrhea cooked rice, curd can be included which can be incorporated gradually after liquid diet.

4. Drink lots of warm herbal teas, especially with antibacterial properties such as basil leaves, ginger, pepper and honey.

5. Digestion process is slow during monsoon because of the humidity in atmosphere so eat moderately only when you are hungry.

6. Include antioxidant rich food (green tea,fresh fruits,nuts ) to fight against infection.

To sum it up

Be healthy to enjoy the monsoon thoroughly ..

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