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How it works?
Just to give you a bit of overview, my weight loss program purely works on the basis of balanced healthy food and nutrition. I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick weight loss/gain diets, pills or use of supplements.

What are the requirements to join?
Your commitment and dedication! That’s it.

What can I expect and how much will I lose?
I want you to understand that losing weight is not just a number game. It’s more than just monitoring your weight on the weighing scale. However just for the sake of giving you an idea in numbers, you can expect to lose upto  2- 3 kg of your weight per month but the real results will simply depend upon your body system, metabolic rate, physical activity and your commitment to follow the diet plan to reach the goals. I focus more on FAT LOSS.
Also, keep in mind that spot reduction is a myth. This means that one cannot target a certain part of the body and lose fat there only. Your body loses fat proportionately from wherever the fat deposits are.
All diet plans are personalized and customized as per individual eating habits, medical history, body analysis and lifestyle. Therefore i’ll be unable to provide you with any sample diet plans.

How are your diets like?
First of all, do not think of it as if you are dieting. I’m against dieting. Dieting is when you are deprived of certain foods and you restrict your calorie intake so much that you lose weight. This results in other side effects to your body including hair loss, body weakness, general fatigue & nutritional deficiencies. I believe in healthy eating. My diet plans are desgined to assist you integrate healthy eating in your lifestyle. 
Mark my words- if you follow the diet plan for some time, not only you will lose fat, but you will start to feel overall healthy, you will feel lighter in the mornings, you will feel more energetic. 

Do you guarantee weight loss?
Dear friend, I’m not selling a product. It’s something you have to guarantee yourself that you will be committed to the diet plan along with some type of physical activity.  

Do I have to do anything else except following the diet?
Physical activity is a must. It can be a brisk-walk, cycling, jogging, HIIT,  cardio, gyming, skipping, playing tennis, swimming, doing yoga, pilates, just anything. Duration-minimum 30 minutes.

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