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How to be healthier at work

Maintaining a good work/life balance is so important for health and so is being active every day. Part of the reason why I love my job in health and fitness is because every day I get to move my body — this is something I’m grateful for! I know that many of you have a 9-5 sitting job at office which means being inactive at your desk for most part of the day & that could've negative impact on the health in the long-run. By following these simple health tips, you can reduce these risks: TIP 1- STAY ACTIVE Trying to move your body regularly can help combat some of the negative effects of sitting down for most of the day at work. Try getting up from your desk regularly and go for a walk around the office, go make yourself a cup of tea, walk to the restroom on a different floor (if possible),standing & taking phone calls or walk over to your colleague to ask a question instead of mailing or a stroll at lunchtime. Goal is to try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day so this is something that you can aim for. TIP 2- STAY HYDRATED Water is everything! Stay hydrated throughout the day at work by tracking your water intake. Try keeping a 1L water bottle at your desk that you regularly drink from and refill. TIP 3- PACK YOUR LUNCH & SNACKS It’s a lot easier to reach for unhealthy food at work when you’re hungry and unprepared! Try to pack your lunch every day, rather than eating out on your lunch break. It is also very important to carry some healthy snack options to work as the the last minute meetings or the long commute back can throw your eating schedule out of gear & make you reach for unhealthy snacks. Remember home cooked food is the best & most nutritious.

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