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  • Dt.Anjali Kakar

Don't show your back to the back!!

In an attempt to get ripped abs, we do loads of crunches. We work on strengthening & toning, exercising our arms, shoulders, legs & other muscles visible to us. In the process, we go on ignoring & sometimes worsening the state of our back. In yoga, working on spine is an integral part of it that's why after a yoga session people start feeling lighter, more energetic & good about themselves. This is mainly because they stretch, arch, twist & strengthen the spine. In most workouts, too much emphasis is given on strength training, and not enough on flexibility exercises. This ultimately results in stiff & choked up spine, which in turn leads to low energy levels & feeling less fit, no matter how toned & fit you might look externally. So guys pls invest your time & energy in learning few back strengthening & bending asanas- dhanurasana, bhujangasana, ustrasana, setubandhasana to name a few.

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